Main pipelenes

Features of Layflat Sun-Flow company:Since 1999, our company has been the official distributor of worlds manufacturer of main pipelines from the American company «Sun Flow Inc.» required to install main and dripper pipelines used in drip irrigation. Over the years our joint cooperation with this company, has proved to ensure most quality products.

Layflat Sun Flow from the Sun Flow Inc. is perfectly suited for the role of distributing reservoirs or lines, pumping into the drip irrigation systems. All layflat Sun Flow are manufactured using modern technology. Using such production technology enables continuous process of high quality product with a homogeneous structure. The result ensures increased resistance to stretch and eliminates the risk of stratification. An added benefit is a smooth inner layer of the hose, which reduces friction and helps to reduce pressure losses in the irrigation system. Layflat models Sun Flow, are perfectly designed for medium and high pressure, with diameters ranging from 40 to 200 mm.

  • Layflat does not contain chlorine, which is controlled during and after production;
  • Layflat has the heaviest coil weight (kg) among all manufacturers, and the strongest with high quality raw materials;
  • The patented trade braided nylon mesh inside prolongs performance capability and makes it more irresistible to wear;

In 2010, there was an independent test conducted by the company “Copersa” in Spain with 5 brands that are also represented in the territory of Ukraine:

manufacturer Weight of coils, kg Coil length at t = 12 º C Weight / meter, kg / m Wall thickness, mm Inner diameter of the tube, mm Lengthening of the hose under a pressure of 2.0 bar,% Increased external diameter at 2.0 bar,%
Sun-Flow 79
Competitor 1 58
Competitor 2 67 100.1 0.67 1.75 101.0 0.74 6.20
Competitor 3 63 98.1 0.64 1.55 102.7 2.00 2.30
Competitor 4 65 99.9 0.65 1.65 101.0 0.67 5.47