About Company

The international company TerraTarsa Ukraine LLC was established  in autumn 2011 as a result of merging "Doktor Tarsa" Company (Turkey) and the Terra Group of Companies. The Main objective of the company is to deliver integrated technology solutions for growing vegetables in enclosed premises (greenhouses) and open field, as well as the production of specific micronutrients for crop foliar fertilization.
The joint Turkish-Chilean Business Doktor Tarsa - DRT (50% owned by the worlds leading manufacturer of special fertilizers SQM company), produces a wide range of special fertilizers using own raw materials,  produced in Europe's most modern and largest plants. In addition to more than 20 different types of complex NPK fertilizers, the company produces special micronutrient fertilizers, developed with the latest agrochemical science. DRT is the leading company in the Turkish market, and sells its fertilizers to more than 30 different countries: Europe, the Mediterranean region, China and CIS countries. The company is equipped with a powerful agrochemical laboratory, which provides constant monitoring of incoming raw materials and produced products. More than 80 highly skilled professionals are constantly engaged in the development of plant nutrition programs of greenhouses and fields. DRT is the largest supplier of drip irrigation, construction and greenhouses systems.
Terra Group of Companies is a pioneer in implementation of modern technology of drip irrigation and special fertilizer for field vegetable growing in the CIS countries. Since 1999, Terra brand has been known as the core supplier of highest quality drip irrigation systems
Т-Таре”, best compund fertilizers and farm machinery. The company offers a full range of services – site pre-project survey, design and supply of irrigation systems, chief installation technician, training, development and management modes of supply and irrigation. Terra LTD (one of Terra group of companies) has been one of the leading dealers  in the sphere extension of agricultural equipment and machinery, well covering the whole Ukrainian market with modern technologies of different well-known brands: Caffini – sprayers and self-propelled sprayers; Checchi & magli – harvesters and transplanters for vegetables, nursery plants preparation and  vibro-ridgers and plastic-film placing machines; Maschio and Gaspardo – pneumatic precision drills, planters for cereal crops, zero and minimum tillage, cultivators, sub-soilers, grass cutters, disc harrows, fertilizer spreaders and balers; Samon and Sator - machinery for harvesting vegetables and loaders. Recently, the company has extended its dealership to high quality products of drum and gripping irrigation systems. Terra Group of Companies employs over 50 professionals - agronomists, engineers and soil scientists.
The company TerraTarsa has its own representative offices in Ukraine and Russia, as well as an extensive dealer network in almost all CIS countries. Combining the two professional teams, a wide distribution network and its own production makes TerraTarsa undisputed market leader in Ukraine and CIS countries. The best fertilizer from the manufacturer, professional solutions from experts with your own work and inspiration allow to create a highly competitive and profitable agricultural production. In production there are no trifles, hence the slogan of our company - Perfection in the details...

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