Growth stimulators

Speedfol Amino
Used as a foliar application, in addition to the main application of fertilizers and fertigation. The range of Speedfol products consist of various formulations containing macro-, meso- and micronutrients, growth hormones (auxins and cytokinins), amino acids and moisturizers in various ratios to control the plant's growth and development, as well as to correct the
nutrients deficiency  and overcome the stresses of plants.

Key Features
1. Balanced elements. All fertilizers included in the series of Speedfol contain a unique balanced mixture of eleven elements. Different formulations are specifically designed to meet the needs of plants nutrition during different phases of development;
2. Compatibility. Due to the fact that the pH is close to neutral, Speedfol is compatible with most fertilizers, except those containing calcium, as well as for many agrochemicals;

3. Chelates. Microelements in Speedfol chelated EDTA, improves plants' assimilation.
4. Moisturizers. The set includes moisturizers that reduce evaporation from the plant's surface and reduce the risk of drying out and curling of leaves, as well as increase the time and efficiency of plant's nutrient absorption.
5. Amino acids. Act as energy sources for accelerated plant growth, improve the absorption of all plant nutrients.

6. Growth stimulants. The composition of all Speedfol fertilizers include a unique combination of growth stimulants (cytokinins and auxins). Both biostimulator separatly form a part of regulatory system of the plant. These hormones control the growth of plant's physiological processes and play an important role in formation of the harvest.

The properties of Speedfol Amino series fertilizer:
- High purity fertilizers;
- Do not contain salts (Cl and Na) and heavy metals;
- Do not contain impurities, phytotoxic compounds
- Easy to use;
- Fast and 100% soluble, do not block nozzles on sprayers;
- A very concentrated suspension.

Speedfol Amino Start.

Speedfol Amino Starter offers a well balanced mixture of essential plant nutrients.
It is applied to crops as a starter formula to prevent and correct nutrient deficiency or excess imbalance for seedlings, transplants and young plants, resulting in advanced initial growth and earlier harvest.
Speedfol Starter is high in phosphorus.
Phosphorus is used in plants for accumulation and transfer of energy via ATP. It stimulates the meristematic growth in all plant parts, especially in the roots. This makes Speedfol Starter the ideal formulation to stimulate the root development of seedlings, transplants and young plants and during periods of stress when active root growth is essential or has been reduced.
Speedfol Amino Starter promotes seed formation and provides the energy during the photosynthesis and transport of carbohydrates.

 Speedfol Amino Vegetation.

Speedfol Amino Vegetative offers a well balanced mixture of essential plant nutrients to prevent and correct nutrient deficiency or excess imbalance, stimulating a vigorous vegetative growth.
Speedfol Amino Vegetative is high in nitrogen. Nitrogen is an essential component of all proteins, chlorophyll and many enzymes. Nitrogen stimulates the vegetative growth of plants.
Speedfol Amino Vegetative can be applied to the crop in vegetative stage to promote leaf and shoot development and/or as a post harvest spray on the photosynthetically active leaves to restore the nutrient reserves in order to secure a good start in the next season.

 Speedfol Amino flowering and fruiting.

Speedfol Amino Flower and Fruit offers a well balanced mix of essential plant nutrients.
Amino Speedfol Flower and Fruit is applied to the crop in the generative stage to prevent and correct nutrient deficiency or excess imbalance and to promote the flower and fruit formation and growth.
Amino Speedfol Flower and Fruit is high in potassium. Potassium  is the key nutrient for quality and quantity. It regulates the opening and closer of stomata and therefore the CO2 assimilation in the leaf and photosynthesis (sugar production). It transports and stores the sugar from the leaf to the fruit. Potassium is active in more then 60 enzymatic complexes.
Potassium stimulates the generative growth of plants.

 Speedfol Amino Calmag.

Speedfol Amino Calmag is a liquid nutrient solution, containing Ca and Mg, fully complexed by amino acids of vegetal origin. It maintains the Ca:Mg balance in the plant, and increases the fruit formation, fruit firmness and quality.
Speedfol Amino Calmag is the anti-stress agent, used to normalize the metabolism of plants after exposure to stressors (adverse weather conditions, pesticide use, damage).

 Speedfol Amino Marine.

Speedfol Marine is a seaweed extract with plant hormones, fortified with P, K, Zn, B and amino acids to stimulate a balanced growth of the plant in general and of fruits in particular.
Speedfol Marine is not only a source of nutrients, but also contains natural hormones, vitamins, organic complexes, sugars and micro minerals.
A unique product that has no analogues in the fertilizer market. Consists entirely of an extract of seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum, which contain naturally occurring hormones. Phytohormones are substances which regulation of physiological processes in plants is carried out. If the plant is under stress, the metabolic process is
violated. The hormones of algae are introduced into the plant through foliar application. Penetrating into the tissue, hormones trigger many biochemical reactions that result in the quickly plant recovers.

Table 1: Contents of nutrients in Speedfol Amino fertilizers

Available Packages: 1L, 5L, 10L.