Calcium deficiency in the past!

22 May 2024


Even with a balanced fertigation system, calcium deficiency can still occur. Calcium has a relatively large atomic mass, which makes it poorly mobile within the plant. Additionally, considering the antagonism between nutrients, relying solely on 100% soil application is not sufficient!

➡️ That’s why it is essential to complement fertigation systems with foliar nutrition during growth and fruit development stages using Powerfol Calcium.

👇🏻⁉️ Why choose Powerfol Calcium👇🏻

🔸 High concentration of calcium (16.9% or 221.4 g/L).

🔸 Promotes the formation of strong cell walls (around 90% of calcium is found in cell walls).

🔸 Increases fruit density, improves their storage and transportation quality.

🔸 Prevents diseases associated with calcium deficiency (blossom end rot).

🔸 Stimulates the development of root, shoot, and fruit tissues.

🔸 Activates plant enzymes and improves the plant’s response to external and hormonal signals.

🔸 Maintains the integrity of cell membranes.

🔸 Enhances protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

And finally, but equally important: Powerfol Calcium is permitted for use in 🌱🌏organic agriculture!🌏🌱

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