Drip Irrigation

  At present drip irrigation is not merely an additional means to increase productivity, but one of the essential components of the general system of agricultural practices. Many farmers have long recognized and confirmed in practice the fact that money invested on rather expensive irrigation equipment, and specifically on tape, in turn will cover the additional yield. Already there is little doubt of the benefits by using drip irrigation, although farmers are now facing an even more difficult dilemma. The question is not whether to adopt the modern irrigation system, but the fact of what kind of tape preffered.
Of recent years, the Ukrainian market has been saturated with a huge number of brands, not only of different drip tape produced in U.S., EU, Turkey, Israel, Korea, China and even the Ukraine, but also different kinds of equipment, accessories, required for modern irrigation systems. The range of products is so vast that, with every passing year it is increasingly difficult to make the rightful choice.

The department of drip irrigation "Terra Tarsus Ukraine" company offers a range of projects for; design, supply, training of staff, provision of warranty period, use of equipment and rendering assistance over proper use of drip irrigation technology. The product spector includes:

  • Tape drip irrigation T-TAPE (manufactured by the company «Rivulis Irrigation»);
  • Main and breeders pipelines Layflat (manufactured by the company «Sun Flow Inc.» United States);
  • The filtration plant and fine filter (manufactured by the company «DROP» Greece);
  • Fittings (manufactured by the company «PALAPLAST» Greece, and "T-TAPE" SPAIN);
  • Pressure regulators (manufactured by the company «AQUA` TEC »France);
  • All sorts of fitting armature (manufactured by the company «PALAPLAST» Greece, Ukraine).
Above all, to install drip irrigation on the field its not simply enough to buy the tape. There are certain factors that are essential to ensure quality performance of irrigation systems. This is especially important for those who are just starting their way to the introduction of drip irrigation. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not only on the price of the company's product realizing the tape, but also the possibility of obtaining service. That is, when choosing a tape of a supplier, you must make sure that, the company provides the following services:
1. Gathering information from the client (visits to farmer’s field, for the purpose of making possible survey of the area and make a pre-scheme area design under irrigation);
2. Calculation and professional design of engineering design team. Includes a breakdown of irrigated land on the block, indicating the irrigation scheme in blocks, taking into account the performance of the pump and filter capacity, calculation of hydraulics (the diameter of the pipeline to supply water to the irrigated blocks), provide specifications showing required project accessories (valves, pipes, breeders units, clamps, bolts, fittings, etc.), and graphic design of irrigated land using AutoCAD program;
3. Supervision of the project in the field is under the guidance of a company specialist (manager or engineer), launching the irrigation systems, training and follow-ups.
Therefore, in order to set up a drip irrigation system, it is necessary to approach this comprehensively, taking into account many factors, remember that investments in the irrigation system is an investment in the foundation of your harvest success and prosperity.