Preplant seed treatment

Novalon Seed Treatment

Special concentrated complex fertilizer for seed pre-treatment. Novalon  Seed  Treatment  is  aimed  for  the  critical  period  between germination  and  crop  establishment.  It  contains macronutrients, micronutrients, growth regulators, amino acids, spreaders and stickers. After germination, it stimulates cell division, promotes the development of the roots, and increases crop resistance against environmental stress.  It’s water  soluble  and suitable  for use in  seeds, fertigation and at the time of transplanting.

Novalon Seed Treatment contains
Macro, micro, mezoelements, growth hormones (auxin, cytokinin), amino acids, humic and fulvic acids, surfactants and adhesives. 

During germination it stimulates the cell division, promotes root development, enhance increased plant resistance against environmental stress. Novalon Seed Treatment dissolves in water and is suitable for seed pre-treatment and used during transplanting in the field.

Table 1. The composition of Novalon Seed Treatment fertilizers

Nutrients Content,% (in brackets g/kg)
 N, totla  6
 N-NH2  6
 P2O5  10,2
 К2O  8
 СаО  0,1(1)
 S  0,7(7)
 Zn(EDTA)  2,5 (25)
 Fe (EDTA)  1 (10)
 Mn(EDTA)  0,3(3)
 Cu(EDTA)  0,5(5)
 B  0,1(1)
 Mo  0,01(0,1)
 Growth regulators  0,049
 Amino Acids  0,3 (3)
 Humic and ulvic Acids  10,3 (103)


The properties of Novalon Seed Treatment
- Homogeneity;
- Does not contain dust;
- Does not become caked;
- Not runny;
- No acrid smell.

Novalon Seed Treatment is compatible with most pesticides. If there is no information about the interaction of drugs, it is recommended to test for compatibility.

Application instructions
To process 1 ton of seeds, use 10-15 liters of water with recommended quantity of Novalon Seed Treatment fertilizer as indicated below (Table 2).
Conduct a seed treatment using a sprayer or a mixing container. Then let the seeds to dry free from direct sunlight.
To process the seedlings, a solution of 15g of drug to be applied to 20 liters of water, during planting by dipping the roots.

Table 2. Application rates of Novalon Seed Treatment Fertilizers for agricultural crops

Crops Norm, kg/t
Cerelas 0,6-1,0
Corn 0,7-1,2
Sunflower 1,8-2,5
Rape 1,8-2,5
Rice 0,9-1,0
Legumes 0,7-1,2
Melons 0,6-0,8
Turf Grass 0,2 kg/4 l water/100kg seeds

Precautionary measures
- Store in original packaging.
- Store in cool, dry warehouse, keep away from children and animals.
- Avoid direct sunlight, the actions of high and low temperatures.
- Avoid use in extreme weather conditions, frost, rain.
- Wash hands and clean all equipment after use.
- When working with the product use personal protective equipment.

Available Packages: 1kg.