Peat substrates


A series of professional peat substrates "Kekkila"

Kekkilä is one of Europe’s largest producers of substrates for professional growers. Our products for professional growers are substrates and fertilisers, which are mainly used for plant propagation, vegetable, seedling and pot plant production and for forest nurseries. Our main customers in this business area are greenhouse growers.

Kekkila production plants meet the international Standardized Quality Systems of ISO 9001 (International Organization for Standardization) and the international system of compliance with environmental protection requirements of ISO 14001.

Kekkilä’s product development is customer orientated. The new products are developed in close cooperation with growers and according to their needs. Basic research needed for the product development is done together with the official research stations.

The quality of Kekkila peat and substrates are tested by regular sampling and analysis at independent laboratory.

Kekkila Peat substrates ready for use:

• Made of high quality white sphagnum peat
• Do not require addition of lime, adjusted to pH
• Contain surfactants (wetting agent)
• Contain a comprehensive water-soluble NPK - fertilizer
• Contains micronutrients
• Do not contain pathogens, weed seeds and phytopathogenic organisms
• Do not contain heavy metal ions

Characteristics of substrates "Kekkila"

*1 + 5 methods, is Analyzed by taking 1 part sample and 5 parts water (the type of analysis is EN 13037, EN 13038)

The content of nutrients in peat substrates, "Kekkila" %

Application instructions:
After unpacking bales should be added to water at the rate of 15-20 liters per XL-bale 300 l, 320-500 liters per Maxi Bale 2,25 m and 350-530 liters per Maxi Bale 2,4 m.

Excessive mixing of the product may lead to loss of structure (maximum 5 minutes stirring). Addition water is necessary for the formation of granules and to obtain the optimum volume of peat.

Adding fertilizer
In order to ensure optimum results and avoid problems due to lack of fertilizer, we always recommend adding when necessary water-soluble NPK fertilizers at the beginning of substrate application. The recommended rate is 0.5 - 1.0 kg fertilizer per 1,000 liters of water.

Effects of frost
The substrate supplied between 1 December and 31 March, may be susceptible to frost damage. Make sure the substrate is defrosted before usage.

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